Moving your loved one into residential care is a big step, and there are significant things to consider when choosing an adult family home that will meet your needs and expectations.

First, understand that while all adult family homes provide housing, meals, and general care for residents, additional services and levels of assistance can vary. Not every home is the right fit for everyone. So the selection process is crucial.

What is an Adult Family Home?

Under Washington State law, an adult family home is “a residential home in which a person or persons provide personal care, special care, room, and board to more than one but not more than six adults who are not related by blood or marriage to the person or persons providing the services.”

In plain English, that means an adult family home is where non-related residents receive room, board, and necessary help with daily living. Adult family homes are located in residential neighborhoods and licensed to care for up to a maximum of 6 residents at any given time.

What to Look for When Choosing an Adult Family Home

Services and levels of care can vary among adult family homes, so you need to have a clear understanding of just what your loved one needs before looking at your options.

Here are some specific things to consider when making your choice:

Personalized Care and Hygiene Assistance

Look for homes that prioritize individualized care plans tailored to each resident’s specific needs and the level of assistance they require. It’s important that residents maintain their dignity and comfort while getting the help they need.

Mobility, Exercise, and Activities

Consider facilities that promote an active lifestyle to enhance physical and mental well-being. Look for wide walkways and doors. Make sure assistive devices are in bathrooms and elsewhere as appropriate throughout the home. Evaluate how exercise activities are incorporated into daily routines to maintain strength and independence.

Medication Assistance

Confirm that the adult family home has a structured medication management system overseen by trained professionals. You want the peace of mind of knowing that your loved one is taking all of their medications as prescribed by their healthcare providers.

Feeding Assistance and Nutritious Meals

Check for homes that offer well-balanced, nutritious meals that accommodate dietary restrictions and needs. If your loved one needs feeding assistance, make sure that’s a service offered.

Home Health Therapies

Investigate if your loved one can receive home health therapies onsite to address various medical needs. Do caregivers also work with the therapist to continue the resident’s therapy in between sessions?

Caregiving Team Qualifications

Assess the expertise and qualifications of the adult family home’s caregiving team. By law, caregivers are not allowed to provide health services such as intravenous therapy, sterile dressing changes, or go beyond the medications specified in a resident’s treatment plan.

But they should be trained to give residents personalized attention, monitor them for adverse effects from medication, and notice changes that need to be reported to their healthcare team.

Safety and Accessibility

Ensure the home is designed with safety in mind, including ramps, handrails, and other accessibility features.

Communication and Family Involvement

Look for homes that prioritize open communication with family members. They should provide regular updates on the resident’s well-being, care, and activities.

Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity

Consider how the home will met the cultural and social needs of your loved one. Look for an adult family home that respects and celebrates the diverse backgrounds and preferences of its residents.

Transition and Adjustment Support

Inquire about the support provided during the initial transition and how the facility helps residents adjust to their new environment. It’s important for residents and families to feel comfortable with the move and confident in their decision.

Resident Socialization and Engagement

Consider the social opportunities and community engagement activities available to residents. They may not be related to each other, but they can still feel like a family.

Quality of Life Programs

Assess the quality of life offered by the adult family home. Outings, entertainment, and recreational activities can greatly enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

Privacy and Personal Space

In addition to the communal areas, evaluate the level of privacy and personal space provided to residents at the adult family home you’re considering. And be sure that it meets your loved one’s needs.

Philosophy of Care

Understand the home’s philosophy of care and make sure it aligns with the values and preferences of you and your loved one. For example, Crest View Adult Family Home is based on the belief that residents are family and must be treated with love, respect, and dignity.

Feedback Mechanism

Ask about the home’s approach to feedback and how concerns or suggestions from residents and their families are addressed.

Community Reputation

Consider the reputation of the adult family home within the local community and healthcare network.

Reviews and Testimonials

Research online reviews and testimonials from other families who have chosen the home to care for their loved ones. Reading what others have experienced can give you insight into what you can expect from the adult family home you’re considering.

Tour of the Home

When doing your research and choosing an adult family home for your loved one, be sure to visit the home for an in-person tour. That’s where you’ll get the best feel for whether or not a particular home is the right fit for your needs.

The Right Choice Brings Peace of Mind

Choosing the right adult family home for your loved one is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration.

Renee Hemmingsen and her dedicated team of caregivers at Crest View Adult Family Home understand the significance of this choice. With over 25 years of experience as a Certified Nurse Assistant, Renee’s commitment to providing exceptional care shows in the services offered at Crest View.

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