When you’re looking at residential care options, you need to understand what’s the difference between an adult family home and assisted living home. They are similar, yet significantly different from each other.

And the differences can have a big impact on residents if they don’t know what to expect.

Exploring the Differences Between Adult Family Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

An Adult Family Home (AFH), like Crest View, is a residential care option that offers a more intimate and personalized environment for seniors. They are licensed to provide housing and care services for up to a maximum of 6 adults in a regular house located in a residential neighborhood.

While staffed by experienced caregivers, AFHs typically promote a family-like setting. The focus is on providing individualized care, which fosters close relationships between residents and caregivers.

Assisted Living facilities (ALFs), on the other hand, are larger establishments that provide a balance between independence and assistance. These facilities also provide housing and care services, but for 7 or more people. They are located in a residential neighborhood, but can be located in either a home or larger facility.

ALFs offer various services, communal living spaces, and organized activities. Assisted living is suitable for seniors who require some help with daily activities but still desire an active and social lifestyle surrounded by a larger number of their peers.

Which is Better — an Adult Family Home or Assisted Living Home?

Both options provide housing and care in a residential neighborhood. What makes one better than the other is a personal decision that has to be made based on the needs and preferences of the person who will be living there.

When an Adult Family Home is the Right Choice

An AFH like Crest View Adult Family Home could be the best choice for you and your loved one if the following criteria are important:

  1. Personalized Attention
    AFHs are ideal for seniors who benefit from a higher caregiver-to-resident ratio. This ensures personalized attention, especially for those with specific care needs or conditions.
  2. Home-Like Atmosphere
    If your loved one prefers a homely environment over a larger institutional setting, an AFH provides a cozy and familiar atmosphere that promotes a sense of belonging.
  3. Specialized Care
    For seniors requiring specialized care, such as assistance with medications, mobility, or health therapies, an AFH with a skilled caregiving team, such as Crest View, can offer the necessary support.
  4. Family Involvement
    AFHs encourage family involvement in the care process. Crest View values collaboration with families, considering them an integral part of residents’ well-being.

When Assisted Living is the Right Choice

An ALF may be the right choice if you’re looking for the following:

  1. Desire for Social Engagement
    Seniors who thrive in a more socially active environment may find assisted living facilities appealing due to the larger number of residents, numerous communal activities, and opportunities for interaction.
  2. Independence with Support
    Assisted living is suitable for those who require assistance with daily tasks but wish to maintain a level of independence. The facilities offer varying degrees of support based on individual needs.
  3. Structured Amenities
    If your loved one values access to amenities like dining services, recreational activities, and organized outings, assisted living facilities often provide a structured and diverse range of services.

Set Up On-Site Visits to Help You Decide

Choosing the right residential care option can be challenging. It’s a significant decision, and you want to make a choice that you and your loved one will be comfortable with.

That’s why it’s important to tour the homes or facilities you are considering.

To help you make an informed choice, we invite you to schedule a visit to Crest View Adult Family Home. Experience firsthand our intimate setting, meet our dedicated team led by experienced caregivers, and discover the warm and nurturing environment we’ve created for our residents.

Click here to contact us and arrange a personalized tour or simply stop by — between 10am and 4pm is best, in order to not interrupt care or meals. Coffee’s always on!

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